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Communicate, Store, and Manage Your Routing

RouteHub Software

RouteHub is a custom-built, online portal where you can communicate, store, and manage all of a district’s route requests and changes. The portal also serves as a communication tool between schools and your transportation office—as well as your assigned Route Logistics Specialist. Through the portal, you can add, change, and delete students eliminating the time of faxing or emailing in request forms.

Why RouteHub?

RouteHub is simple to setup and works with just about any school bus routing software. Requesters, such as school secretaries or the special needs department, can be setup to login and start making requests for students. Students are found by last name or ID number, and then a request form is filled out and sent to the transportation office. At this point, the router or dispatcher gets an email regarding the new request. At any time, a requester can log back in and see the status of each request they’ve made. An email is sent once bus service can begin, and at that point, they can review time, location, and route info in order to notify the parent.  

White Paper_The Lack of Technology in Routing and What Can be Done

White Paper

The Lack of Technology in Routing and What Can Be Done

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Benefits of RouteHub

  • RouteHub is cloud-based making it accessible from any computer or smartphone.

  • Your team can check the status of all requests, if and when the request was made and who made it.

  • No more lost faxes or emails that weren’t sent.  

  • Get students routed faster.

  • Transportation departments will improve customer service and bridge communication in order to ensure student safety.


Delays and missing information about students and their needs—even incorrect addresses or lack of important health-related information—reduced the quality and timeliness of our service. Once we funneled all student information through RouteHub, we were able to provide a consistent process for starting services and provided our transportation staff with current and accurate details. This has positively impacted the support we provide and decreased the liability on the district.
— Mike Hush, Director of Transportation, Littleton Public Schools, Littleton, CO

We can quickly build, develop, and manage all routes and student changes as well as handle the maintenance and upkeep of their current routing software. Because of this, we can cut routes, adjust bell times, and save districts money.
— Robert Jacobus, CEO + founder of School Bus Logistics