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Route Management Services (RMS) provide your district with complete turn-key routing with a focus on improving customer service to your schools and families. Your route logistics specialist has extensive experience and capabilities so you get top-of-the-line support at a lower cost than in-house. Based on safety and efficiency, RMS reduces overall routes and increases savings—so your routes function at 100%.

What is RMS?

  • Complete, turn-key routing for you and your drivers

  • We build, develop, and manage all routes and student changes

  • We work directly with schools and drivers for quick turnaround

  • Maintenance and upkeep of your current routing software

  • Monthly fee for simple budgeting

As an extension of your team, we offer the following services:

  • Route optimization

  • Fleet analysis

  • Bell time studies

  • Boundary analysis

We struggled for years with adding and removing children from our routes all while satisfying our parents needs. Robert and his team quickly reduced the number of vans on the road, reducing our cost, with far fewer complaints from parents—all remotely from Colorado.
— stephen huntley, Executive Director Valley Opportunity Council, Inc., Chicopee, MA


Improve transportation staff productivity through the benefits of onsite support and guidance.

School Start Support
Offsite or onsite support to get students grade advanced and loaded to the new routes. If you're looking for a couple of months' help, we can jump in and get things on the right path.  

Run/Route Creation
We’ll ensure the right data is in place and existing routes will be duplicated as they are currently running. Once all the runs are created, routes can be tied together for turn-by-turn directions.

Data Cleanup and Evaluation
We can help identify areas of old data, such as unused old boundaries, bus stops, runs/routes, and student files that can be archived in order to reduce confusion for school start each year.

Map Updates and Boundary Maintenance
These areas aren’t often thought about and, in many cases, staff forget how to make changes and updates. We can handle all those changes on an as-needed basis.

Our goal is to streamline and simplify clients’ routing needs in a way that helps to cut budgets and time.
— Robert Jacobus, CEO + Founder of School Bus Logistics


Evaluate current routes and boundaries to save 10% or more on transportation costs.

Boundary Analysis


Analyzing attendance zones as a result of school closures or openings can have a direct impact on transportation costs. We take student data and apply it to boundary scenarios such as walk zones, attendance areas, and hazard boundaries. Some examples of boundary analysis are:

  • Increasing walk zones to reduce transportation costs

  • Balancing enrollment areas due to increased attendance

  • Shifting grade levels at buildings


Route Optimization


As student population increases or decreases, routes should be evaluated to make sure routes are running efficiently and are cost effective. Stops and runs can be evaluated by ridership to see if they can be combined to reduce cost. Some examples are listed below:

  • Stop optimization to reduce transportation costs

  • Balance loads on runs/routes to reduce transportation costs

  • Balance routes due to boundary or bell changes


Bell Time Studies

Bell Time Studies

Changing bell times can impact routing and costs—for the better. We analyze how moving start times or going to a two- or three-bell schedule would affect your bottom line.