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Solving Driver Shortages Through Schedule Efficiencies

National Driver Shortage: There’s a Solution

The industry has been flooded with stories of issues around driver shortages and retention. NAPT and School Bus Fleet have been conducting surveys that find, among other things, that the school bus driver shortage is either severe or desperate for more than one-third of respondents. This has not only led to schools being outright cancelled, but additional spending requirements for driver pay.

While this can band-aid the situation, the underlying cause can be addressed to fix the problem and get districts functioning at 100% again. School districts must try different and creative ways to attract and maintain bus drivers.

Bus Driver-Shortage-Diagram

We have a proven method that can be used in your district:

  • Evaluation of a portion or all of your routes to balance load counts

  • Re-packaging routes to reduce overall buses needed for home-to-school service

  • Proficient in the top three routing software programs

  • More than 60 years of experience of helping districts hire-train and maintain drivers

Because SBL works all over the country, we know what is most effective for a variety of district types and sizes. We see projects through to the end and build our services in a way that meet district objectives while supporting the execution of new routes. Unless the solution works for schools and the families they serve, it isn’t a true solution.

Read our case study below to see how we helped Kaneland School District keep drivers employed by combining routes to help to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

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